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It's not really in our nature to toot our horn so we'll let our satisfied customers do that for us.

Oh the site looks AMAZING, OMG!! I am so happy with it. It's so awesome!! U the best! I love how you don't mess around, quick response!
Angie Scheid, Cloverleaf Farms FOOD OUTLET & Deli - www.cloverleaffarms.ca

I just went to my competitors site. It pales compared to the site you made me. Their video/audio quality is not as good as ours. Our pictures are better quality. Everyone who goes to my site is BLOWN AWAY in their comments, Big Time! Thanks for your brilliance at your craft which makes mine shine as well.
Fred Gayford, Gayford Carbon Strad - www.carbonfiberviolin.com

I would like to express sincere appreciation for your efforts producing our new promotional video. Having produced our successful first video a decade ago there was no hesitation in engaging your services once again. Your personal interaction with our membership during the filming at the June event drew out many excellent viewpoints. In addition, your well honed editing skill and attention to detail is clearly evident in the video. It was a pleasure to work with you – a true professional in all aspects of the project!
Frank Rooney, President - HCEA Canada

You were excellent and very professional and you are definitely my number one live streaming provider moving forward. 
James Gonzalez - Blockchain TV

The spot is soooooooooooooo good, I’d like to dump the spot CKCO is running and replace it with this.
Kate Neff, VP, Member Services and Marketing - Your Neighbourhood Credit Union

I knew you’d get it done today! The spot looks terrific, and we are very excited to debut it.
Bob Copeland, Director, Athletics & Recreational Services - University of Waterloo

The video is fantastic and the quick turnaround on corrections is greatly appreciated. The leadership team has provided excellent feedback on the video. I'm sure we'll hear more great comments from employees tomorrow. Thanks so much! Working with Dave was a pleasure.
Charlene VanderGriendt | Communications Manager, Marketing Services, Manulife Insurance

Dave, you are brilliant! Thanks.
Hélène Duguay | Manager, Segment Development | Divisional Marketing Services | Manulife Financial

Tremendous job, Dave. Everything looks great. Thank you so very much.
Paul Donovan | Marketing Consultant – Manulife Investments

My boss was blown away with the quality of the video. Great job!
Paul Richardson, Sales Representative - Norampac - St. Marys

The video is stunning! What you were able to piece together with a few minutes of footage is unbelievable – Thank you VERY much.
Brandon Hall, Communications Manager - Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital and Referral Services

As usual....FANTASTIC.  Thanks Dave!!!!
Angel Langmuir | Director, Marketing Consulting, Divisional Marketing Services| Distribution | Manulife

This is classic....I can't wait to see the crowd's reaction.  This is definitely a keeper.
Monique Fongemy| Manager – Inside Sales | Manulife Investments

The photos are amazing! We are both blown away by the quality and professionalism of them! They are definitely more than we thought they would be - you did an incredible job 🙂
Emily Geier

Everyone I talk to loves the pictures! You did an excellent job, thank you so much! 
Audrey Geier

Have I mentioned my excitement? Thank you, for all your work Dave and the speed in which you made the magic happen, particularly for the shots that I didn’t ask you for…The Dave Factor…they were the best!
Tric, ChefD-TV

Saw the Charity BBQ Day PSA several times over the weekend on the History Channel and Discovery. Great job!
Jeff Fletcher, M&M Meat Shops

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