Film & Tape Transfers, Digitizing, & Duplication

While our principal focus is on the creation of new content, at times it is necessary to access old materials that need to be incorporated into new stories. As a result we offer the capability to transfer various vintage formats into modern digital files on a case by case basis.  Some of the formats we can handle include:

  • 16mm, Super8mm, Regular8mm
  • VHS, S-VHS
  • Digital8, Hi-8, Regular8
  • MiniDV

Other formats like 1/4" reel to reel, 3/4" and Betacam are possible depending on availability of equipment.

Typically with silent film we will add a music track, clean up the head and tail of the footage, and add a title graphic if necessary.

Pricing: Film & Tape Transfers
Film:   $2.50/minute
Video: $25/tape

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We even provide custom artwork that will add the final touch of class for your duplication packaging materials.

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