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With a strong focus on the business marketplace, we have helped hundreds of companies to promote their products and services with top quality video production marketed to their customer base. Whether directly or through our relationships with other video producers and production companies we have gathered extensive experience in the food, medical and health industries; various sectors in manufacturing including automotive and automated packaging; internal and external communications for the insurance and retail industries. Hawkeye Films is the brand for video professional David Delouchery. With 25+ years experience working as a corporate video producer, camera person and video editor he has created numerous video products for companies like ...

M&M Meat Shops
Manulife Financial
Toshiba Medical Canada

Roadtrek Motorhomes
Home Hardware

RCMP - V & O Divisions
Automation Tooling Systems

While many of the customers we serve are based in the Waterloo Region cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, we regularly do work for them in Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Windsor, Montreal, Vancouver, the United States and even around the globe as their needs dictate.

We are your video production and live event video streaming solution in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Toronto and southern Ontario regions.

Our Work

Hawkeye Films Demo Reel - High Quality Video Production for Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Toronto, Southern Ontario, Canada
A Short Collage of our work


A window manufacturer promo video for Strassburger Windows and Doors
A window manufacturer

Historical Construction Equipment Association Promo Simcoe County Museum
HCEA Canada

A Maple Syrup orientation video for the Waterloo Wellington Syrup Producers
Maple Syrup - The Liquid Gold of Spring

Dream Seekers Special Needs Color Guard Promo Video Kitchener Ontario
Dream Seekers Color Guard

Craftsman Versitool Multi Screwdriver Set Point of Sale video
Craftsman Versitool POS

Welker & Associates - A debt consolidation and insolvency company's promo video ad
Welker & Associates

Belmar Roofing Promo Video - Cambridge Ontario
Belmar Roofing

1 of 4 promo videos produced for the Mill Race Folk Festival in Cambridge Ontario featuring Hurdy-Gurdy player Alison Gowan of Swamp Ward Orchestra and Sheesham and Lotus
Mill Race Folk Festival

St Jacobs Place Retirement Residence
St. Jacobs Place Retirement Home

A send-off video for former University of Waterloo President David Johnston
University of Waterloo - Building the Future

University of Guelph - Food Safety Masters Program
University of Guelph - Food Safety Program

A recruitment video for the RCMP Nunavut V Division detachment Produced in English, French and Inuktitut
RCMP V-Division Nunavut Recruitment Video

Manulife Insurance Healthcare Navigator Premium Benefit - Second Opinion by Worldcare
Manulife Healthcare Navigator - Second Opinion

An instructional training video for the Garden Map iPad App
Garden Map App

A promo video for Schiedel Construction Design Build Company
Schiedel Construction

Castle Cooper - Transcend Overbed Tables - A rolling hospital bed table
Castle Cooper - Transcend Overbed Tables

1 of 6 process videos for Precise Casting Ltd. St Jacobs Ontario
Precise Casting

We produce industrial, corporate, promotional, training, TV commercials, advertising, marketing, educational, dramatic and documentary videos for Kitchener-Waterloo based companies and beyond.

For more than 25 years Hawkeye Films has been producing high quality video productions for Kitchener based companies. Located in Kitchener, Hawkeye Films has seen the video market grow and adapt much like the businesses in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Kitchener has had a long history of manufacturing and has now become a global tech centre and it's need for high quality video production has kept pace with the growing population. Many national compainies are based in Kitchener-Waterloo and have extensively used video to communicate internally with their staff and externally with their customers. Whether it be industrial, corporate, promotional, training, advertising, marketing, educational, dramatic, documentative, archiving etc. we have done it all. You can rely on Hawkeye Films to provide the best production value and to get the job done on time and at an affordable price that will work with your budget.


Here is how we create your custom video production


Whether you provide the script, we work together to develop the story or we take on the scripting services on your behalf, it is important that a clear message guides the production process and tells an efficient and effective story.

Our attitude is that if we don't understand the process we are filming then the message will not be clearly defined for your audience either. We act as your filter for audience comprehension. That is why we go the extra distance to take great interest in your business and processes so that we clearly understand your objectives and produce a message that clearly defines your goals.


Some productions are easy while others can be more challenging. The more complicated the logistics are in telling your story, the greater the need to plan out the requirements during the Pre-Production phase. Schedule, locations, talent, props and weather are just some of the things that can affect when and how the filming will be done.

Production Period

This is where we shine. We love to accomplish as much as possible during the shoot day. Typically we can film your production in just one day and in some cases just half a day. Despite the short filming schedule we work hard to capture the best light and sound during production. When we show up to a location we immediate scout the area and select the best location to set-up our cameras. We then identify sources of power for our lights and pre-light the area of focus. Whether we are filming, products or on-camera talent we are constantly focussed on ensuring that lighting and sound are at optimal levels.

Completing the Puzzle

Producing a good video production isn't as simple as recording some footage and then editing it together. After the initial filming has been done, the post production phase begins and that is where our years of experience truly brings value to the videos we produce. Our attention to detail provides the polish to truly make your production shine.

Colour Correction

During the editing process we are constantly tweaking the image to provide the best colour correction and dynamic range possible. When appropriate we also create special dramatic looks and visual colour effects to the captured footage.

Audio Sweetening

is another focus of ours that we employ. Capturing video and on location sound doesn't always optimize the soundscape necessary to effectively draw your audience into the experience. What is happening on-screen? What is happening off-screen? Attention to the details of visual clues help to build the sonic palette for our productions. It requires extra effort but the pay-off is a more sophisticated production that brings your program to life and increases viewer engagement. Clean, clear narration/vocal tracks, smooth ambience, incidental sound effects and character enhancing music all come together to sell your message.


Titles, charts, graphics and animation help to provide clarity in informing your audience. We strive to bring a cohesion of style and design across the various outlets whether it is on-screen graphics, packaging artwork, advertising graphics etc.

Approval & Delivery

As the editing phase comes to a close we deliver the video for your approval. One round of adjustments and corrections are included before we output the final file for distribution.

Hit Your Mark with Hawkeye Films!

We have been serving the creative and technical needs of business clients, community groups, artists, and various video producers for more than 25 years in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and beyond.

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