Consulting & Installations

We offer consulting and installation services to get you up and running with your video, sound, and live-stream needs.  We offer more than your average electrician.  With a solid understanding of video data rates, signal strength, noise suppression and audio level optimization we can get the most out of your equipment performance.

Our team has years of experience wiring facilities such as churches, radio stations, conference spaces and more.  We can work with your existing legacy equipment to integrate new components without "Reinventing the Wheel" on your previous solution investments.

As a small company ourselves we understand small budgets. We keep up to date with technology advancements that provide affordable solutions to suit your needs.  You will only pay what it costs without inflated pricing or mark-ups. Our affordable consulting and installation rates will keep your costs as tight as possible to get you the most "Bang for your Buck".

We are experienced in:

  • Network Cabling and Internet Connectivity
  • HDMI, SDI, Composite Video Solutions
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Equipment and Wiring
  • Microphones, Headsets, Lavs,
  • Projection, Monitors Placement and Mounting
  • Lighting Fixtures, DMX Mixing Boards

In addition we will provide explicit instruction materials and training as required to get your team up and running.

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We have been serving the creative and technical needs of business clients, community groups, artists, and various video producers for more than 25 years in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region and beyond.

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