Whether you are a multi site organization, business, church etc. recent events most likely have caused you to reconsider or cancel your plans to bring large groups of people together to share your messaging with. That shouldn't stop you though from getting on with business.

Certainly desktop webcams and phones make it easy to use Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Facebook Messenger etc. to video chat one on one or with a small group of people but it is not the best for other forms of communication or when trying to reach large groups in an easy, end user experience.

Other downsides can include:

  • less than optimal audio
  • poor lighting conditions
  • handheld shaky footage
  • single wide shot image
  • can't zoom in on the podium
  • Powerpoint/video difficult to insert into the stream

Is it time to consider installing an affordable video streaming system into your facility?

We can help.

Contact us to receive our recommendations for cost effective equipment solutions that are easy to use and will deliver professional results including:

  • multiple camera angles eg. close-up and wide shot etc.
  • clear robust audio that integrates with your existing sound system or start from scratch
  • Insertion of your Powerpoint messaging and/or video playback
  • ability to send your video stream to other areas of your facility. eg. remote viewing monitors
  • analysis of your existing lighting conditions and upgrade recommendations
  • installation of equipment
  • equipment training

Take advantage of our years of experience and constant research into streaming equipment technology to get you up and running quickly.

Not ready to run your own system yet?

No problem, we can still capture and stream your event whenever the need arises. Call us today for more information.

Why choose a PTZ camera?

There are many choices when it comes to which cameras to use. A PTZ camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) allows you to remotely operate the camera from your control booth and eliminates the need for an additional operator.  This is great for small tech crews and especially for 1 person operations. Different camera angles and framings can be programmed and instantly recalled to capture the action and give the appearance that you have multiple cameras covering the event.  With so many camera manufacturers to choose from though it can be challenging to find the right solution for your budget. A top choice in the marketplace is PTZOptics. They are well known and trusted choice in the religious marketplace.  Their mid-priced cameras are more expensive than entry level but significantly lower than the high-end Sony and Panasonic options while still retaining all of the broadcast quality features.  View a comparison below of one of our customers results between an entry level webcam and a PTZOptics 20x zoom camera.

Live Stream Equipment Solutions

Our years of experience and constant research in streaming solutions has resulted in our ability to recommend the most affordable options to setup the most cost effective, flexible, and quality system possible.


This ATEM Mini Pro switcher allows 4 inputs which can be cameras or other sources like video playback. It also handles streaming to YouTube and recording to disk. To access more advanced features and to setup the streaming channel location a computer with the necessary software will need to be connected but is not necessary during normal operation. Budget $900


You will require a computer to make advanced changes to the ATEM Mini Pro switcher but it is not necessary for basic switching operation. For this purpose most laptops regardless of age or simplicity will suffice. If however you plan to use OBS for switching & streaming a more robust powerful computer will be required. An i7 dual core processor will meet the minimum standards for streaming. Expect to budget $1000

PTZ Camera

A staple in the robotic camera industry the PTZOptics  camera offers multiple preset camera frames from wide shot to close-up which can cover the action of multiple performers. It performs well in low light and is much more tolerant to variable lighting conditions than lower end handy-cam style video cameras. The operator can sit in the booth and operate this camera and switch the show at the same time.  Budget $2500

Video Camera

A basic entry level HD camera starts at $300 and can quickly jump to $3000 for a prosumer camera with a quality producing image.


Due to the recent social distancing standards many have become accustomed to webcams and Zoom quality streaming.  There are a lot of choices in the market place but a standard go to product in the market is the Logitech C920. This is a fixed lens USB camera. Quality is suitable for closeup, talking head conversations. Budget $100+


For video purposes you require a fluid head tripod to remove jerky movements and to reduce operator fatigue as they struggle to keep the shots steady. You do not want to use a basic tripod designed for photography.  Manfrotto is your best budget choice. Budget $250+

HDMI to USB Capture

Many products have flooded the marketplace recently ranging in price from $25 to $300+ They all however do the same thing convert an HDMI signal to USB so that you can connect and stream your camera to the internet.

HDMI cable

HDMI has a limit of 30-50 feet before it begins to fail. If you need to go further there are solutions that will convert the signal to network cable or optical. Budget $30+

Video Audio Live - Stream installation & Consulting

Consulting & Installations

We offer consulting and installation services to get you up and running with your video, sound, and live-stream needs.  We also provide more service than your average electrician.  With a solid understanding of video data rates, signal strength, noise suppression and audio level optimization we get the most out of your equipment performance.

Our team has years of experience wiring facilities such as churches, radio stations, conference spaces and more.  We can work with your existing legacy equipment to integrate new components without "Reinventing the Wheel" on your previous equipment investments.

As a small company we understand tight budgets. We keep up to date with technology advancements that provide affordable solutions to suit your needs.  You will only pay what it costs without inflated pricing or mark-ups. Our affordable consulting and installation rates will keep your costs as low as possible to get you the most "Bang For Your Buck".

We are experienced in:

  • Network Cabling and Internet Connectivity
  • HDMI, SDI, Composite Video Solutions
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Equipment and Wiring
  • Microphones, Headsets, Lavs,
  • Projection, Monitors Placement and Mounting
  • Lighting Fixtures, DMX Mixing Boards

In addition, we will provide explicit instruction materials and training, as required, to get your team up and running.

Contact us Today to Discuss the Details and Solutions for Your Project!

Let's Get it on Paper!

In order to best visualize the logistics of different live event requirements we will make tech sheets and stage plots to layout the flow and placement of the required equipment. Not only will this help us but it will also better communicate with our clients and to meet their expectations.

Take a look at some of our installations in action.

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