Whether you are a multi site organization, business, church etc. recent events most likely have caused you to reconsider or cancel your plans to bring large groups of people together to share your messaging with? That shouldn't stop you though from getting on with business.

Certainly desktop webcams and phones make it easy to use Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Facebook Messenger etc. to video chat one on one or with a small group of people but it is not the best for other forms of communication or when trying to reach large groups in an easy, end user experience.

Other downsides can include:

  • less than optimal audio
  • poor lighting conditions
  • handheld shaky footage
  • single wide shot image
  • can't zoom in on the podium
  • Powerpoint/video difficult to insert into the stream

Is it time to consider installing an affordable video streaming system into your facility?

We can help.

Contact us to receive our recommendations for cost effective equipment solutions that are easy to use and will deliver professional results including:

  • multiple camera angles eg. close-up and wide shot etc.
  • clear robust audio that integrates with your existing sound system or start from scratch
  • Insertion of your Powerpoint messaging and/or video playback
  • ability to send your video stream to other areas of your facility. eg. remote viewing monitors
  • analysis of your existing lighting conditions and upgrade recommendations
  • installation of equipment
  • equipment training

Take advantage of our years of experience and constant research into streaming equipment technology to get you quickly up and running.

Not ready to run your own system yet? No problem we can still capture and stream your event whenever the need arises. Call us today for more information.

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