Why You Need a Great Construction Timelapse Video

Sometimes the best way to convey an idea is to reduce the time it takes to happen. None of us have the time to watch paint dry but sped up action can make slow events more compelling. When the time is right and the subject is warranted, we can compress hours, days and even months into mere seconds with a dynamic construction timelapse video and reveal unseen marvels about the world we live in.

Why We Offer the Best Solution

Our philosophy is to show more than just the standard single point-of-view wide-shot of a structure being raised. The beauty and value of a building is not just skin deep.  From impressive lobbies to individual units, a lot of care, design work and craftsmanship goes into creating a modern place to work and live and we strive to showcase all of those achievements.  If warranted we will provide a site plan laying out the camera positions and Angle of View visualization

What We Provide

We provide a customer catered service that captures better than 4K images from a variety of best angle positions.  The best images are selected, processed & colour corrected  and then edited with a dynamic music soundtrack.   The build story is then completed with final project beauty shots captured via drone and gimbal stabilized video that showcases the beautiful craftsmanship, skilled trades and years of planning and design that goes into the creation of your project.

Our Standard Package – Exterior & Interior Coverage

• Time-lapse coverage from the best angle of the construction site. Mounting of multiple 4K quality 35mm DSLR cameras to secure posts and weather protected from the elements.

• Placement of time-lapse cameras on the interior to capture various trades and progress of project as work moves inside the structure.

drone flights spread over the course of site development to capture aerial footage of progress including final beauty shots of building and surrounding community.

• Final interior beauty shots of completed project to showcase the build in it’s most beautiful and complete form.

• Edit the raw footage into lively, quick paced visuals incorporated with a dynamic music soundtrack.

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The Bottom Line

Whether you are a Residential/Commercial Developer, Architect, Builder, or Investor you will receive a short, engaging video that can be used to attract future investors, enhance project proposals and boast your achievements.

Contact us to capture your project in a unique and compelling video that everyone will love to watch.

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