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We focus on building slick, affordable, professional designs for companies that offer great products but lack effective web presence. One that truly represents the quality of their business and also builds on their strengths and reputation.

Read our article on why a modern professional website is so important.

In choosing our service you will benefit from high quality images that capture the nature of your business as well as product photography clearly presents your products favourably. The layout will be optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone displays so that every visitor benefits from an optimized experience.

When it comes to websites we believe in keeping things simple, clear and understandable. You and your products and service is what matters. Many people will go to your site to confirm hours, location and to get a sense that you have what they are looking for.

Your website is ready 24 hours, every day of the year to support you and your business. It's a great tool to build trust and confidence, as well as engage and educate your customer. Today is the day to check this off of your long to do list and trust us to properly promote the great business you have built.

Hawkeye Films offers Website Design for desktop and mobile brosers

The Benefits you gain in choosing us to build your Website.

  • Quick turnaround - You'll see results in days and be up and running in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Custom Photography - We will handle your product and splash photography and can optimize your own images and insert stock images as required.
  • When you need video to help tell your story there is no one better to turn to then Hawkeye Films. With more than 25 years experience in filming every time of story imaginable we can produce an excellent, information and engaging video to help promote your site and message.

It's Your Site, You Stay in Control - Upon completion you can choose to manage changes and content on your own or leave that to us on an "as need" basis.

Flip the panels below to see what our customers have to say.

Belmar Roofing

We have worked with Belmar for a number of years providing video and photography services. Recently we were asked to capture drone aerial footage which then developed into rebuilding their website when the previous developer was not able to meet the customer's expectations.  Not only did we solve their problems, we have continued to further develop their site as they expand into new markets and growth opportunities. Rendered services include:

  • Drone Imaging
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Mascot Logo Design

The Walton Hamner House / John & Olivia's BnB

We have been very involved with this customer, initially building the website for their historic landmark location in Scuyler, VA. We then published a book and then built a second website for the BnB they built next to the historic site. Additional marketing work includes:

  • Designing logo for BnB
  • Promotional videos
  • Artwork Prep for Gift Shop Items
  • Social Media Ads
  • Event Marketing & Technical Support

The Walton Hamner House     John & Olivia's BnB


Having produced 2 promotional videos in the past decade for this great organization the opportunity arose to refresh their website which desired fresh content and a design overhaul.  In addition to listing and promoting events that the organization hosts and attends we added the following new content:

  • Facebook feed
  • Photo Gallery
  • Membership Info
  • Newsletter Archive
  • Events Listing & Calendar

When we discussed the opportunity to design a new website with the owner of this business, they were ready to shut down their existing website which lacked engaging images, have very little content and was not mobile friendly. We built a whole new site that included:

  • Lots of fresh information about products on the front page
  • A Top Ten Product Gallery
  • A gallery of their TV and Facebook video ads plus their fun Instagram and Facebook snaps.
  • Employee Application and Customer feedback forms
  • Loyalty and Gift Card information

Since building this new site we have gone on to create 3 series of TV commercials plus an in-store Digital Signage Menu Board for their deli.

Gayford Carbon Strad - Carbon Fiber Violins

This customer presented us with the task of producing an entirely new website for their new premium carbon fiber violin.  The bar was placed high to produce a slick site that properly presented the caliber of their high-end product.  We captured all the product images and packaged a number of the featured videos. Their page has risen to the number 1 spot on Google and has given the competition something to worry about in their marketplace.

Grand Music Live

Grand Music Live is a music concert channel. Not just a website but a destination to watch video content.  Videos are set to autoplay and act more like a TV channel then a passive content site.

Dutch Boy Drum Corps

This massive site was built in 2013 before mobile friendly websites were really a thing. The site stands as a historical archive for a prominent youth organization that ran in various forms from 1955 to 2010.  It is chockfull of images, videos, history, data and an interactive alumni list of more than a 1000 members. The site got a significant back-end overhaul in 2014 to allow for an interactive database that keeps track of alumni and content across the site.

All About the Waltons

Another massive site built in 2014 that is just TOO BIG to convert to being mobile friendly. The origins of this site go back to  2001 when it was first designed as an interactive multimedia CD.  More than 400 pages of content are dedicated to one the most popular award winning TV dramas from the 1970's. In addition to tons of content about the series, actors, creator, characters, and production, there are more than 220 pages of synopsis and information for each episode of the series.

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