A New Direction

Filming a conference for a large international medical equipment manufacturer

After 25 years of serving the video production community throughout Waterloo Region and beyond, I have finally made the decision to head in a new direction.

Since the early 90’s I have helped the producers of JBinMotion, Advanced Video Techniques, Waxworks Creative, Gecko Communications, Memory Tree, Pan Video Services, Fred Smith Studios, ICSL, Piksuk Media, and a number of other producers and friends to produce quality videos for their customers. Along the way I produced a number of products directly for the end customer as well but I preferred to run the show from behind the camera and edit suite.

I am now embarking on a new path to offer a customer direct video service. Still under the banner of Hawkeye Films but our focus is now on Live Event Multi-cam Video Recording, Streaming and Projection. The plan is to offer affordable, semi automated capture of quality video and audio that can be completed and delivered with fast turnaround, as well as live-streamed and/or IMAG projected to the event audience.

Over the years I’ve watched the production community change in the Waterloo region from a few key production companies and a number of independent operators to a more diversified and larger group of producers. The cost of production gear has dropped significantly in some aspects. These has evened the playing field and allowed a number of new players into the market. In other ways the cutting edge developments of empowering story-telling tools has increased at a rapid rate. New gear is being out-dated on a quarterly cycle and chasing that tail can be an expensive endeavour.

With all this in mind I have discovered a new avenue that will allow me to side step some of the issues and concerns that I outlined above.

If you are an event planner/organizer I invite you to consider our service that can effectively capture your event, meeting, program etc. Please visit our Live Events page to learn more about how we can assist you to deliver a successful event.

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