Producing a Quality Video

There is a lot to juggle when making a video.

In the past 5 years, high quality, affordable equipment has put decent video production abilities into just about everyone’s hands. Yet, many people choose to rely on a professional for their skills, creativity and ability to worry about the details of producing a quality production. Some of those details that the professionals focus on include:

Is the subject matter well lit?

While many of today’s video cameras excel in low light situations and pleasing interviews can be conducted with natural light from a large window, this doesn’t solve every situation. Professionals look at the light source and assess whether it is creating unflattering shadows on the face. Is the subject separated from the background; is there motivational or practical light and is it balanced with the professional lighting; is there a need for creative lighting?

Is the audio at optimal levels and isolated properly?

An on-camera mic is not the best mic for recording talent dialogue. Audio is “as” important if not “more” important than good visuals. An audience will tune out faster if a video suffers from poor audio as opposed to poor quality picture that has good audio. In order to achieve high quality audio it is recommended to use well placed, lavalier mics and in some cases shotgun mics when recording on-camera talent. It is also very important to maintain good record levels and to do a balanced audio mix in editing.

Other things to consider

Wardrobe – Does it compliment the scene or does the talent look unprofessional or inappropriate?
Location – Have you chosen the right setting for your scene?
Performance – Is the talent giving you the performance you desire?
Timing – Is the pace of the action and delivery of dialogue in tone with your message?
Composition – Are the shots interesting and properly composed? Are you making proper use of wide shots and close ups?
Management of time – Time does equal money
Content – Does it meet the objectives of the customer?

Taking these and many other issues into consideration will help to produce a video with the results you desire.

Our 25+ years of always meeting our customer’s objectives has provided us with many great opportunities and experiences and we look forward to working with you to meet your goals.

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